Transforming reproductive healthcare so that each birthing person and healthcare team member is seen, heard, and valued.

BELIEVE stands for “Building Equitable Linkages with Interprofessional Education Valuing Everyone.”

We are working with communities and healthcare workers to improve training and working conditions for healthcare workers, and to help them provide more respectful and equitable care to pregnant women.

Compared to other wealthy countries in the world, the United States is dangerous place to give birth to a child. Black women in the United States die at a higher rate compared to more than 100 countries worldwide. We are developing an interprofessional education (IPE) curriculum to help healthcare workers build teams that values health for all birthing people and for healthcare professionals. Our work is based in a groundwater approach to maternity care. This means that we are working to improve systemic and structural causes of maternal and fetal mortality. Our work focuses on building genuine trust between healthcare team members and patients. But before we can build trust, we must make pregnancy and birth safe and make sure that birthing people and birth workers can thrive.

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